Art On The Fringe | Limited Editions
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Limited Editions

Western Figures


“Early Rains” – Limited Edition

For Sale $6,500.00


5 only of my latest finished lost wax limited edition Sculpture; it’s a Cowboy/Drover and his horse-wading through a deep swollen and treacherous river (rocks in it etc) helping a stricken cow to safety.


I have titled it “Early Rains”  It is approximately 15 inches/350mm tall x 18 inches/400mm long. It is cast in heavy Bronze with a stunning honey brown patina and will have a limited worldwide edition of only 25. It also weighs approximately 50lbs or 23 kilos, I can ship it worldwide with a numbered Certificate of authenticity.  FYI, I had this sculpture cast in bronze by Mr.Phillip Piperides of the Perides foundry in Brisbane.



“Coffee Break” –  Limited Edition

For Sale $2,500.00


Is of an old timer cowboy/drover having a well deserved coffee break while propped up against bags of grain, he is disturbed by a large fat rat that is cheekily helping himself to some spilled grain seed. The old timer picks up an old horse shoe and is about to fling it at the Rat, but then has a moment of empathy for him.

See Gallery for more photos