Art On The Fringe | Ring of Bright Water
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Ring of Bright Water

“Swirls of Light” for Sale $15,000.00


The Sea Otter’s, sculpture “Swirls Of Light” was inspired by the book/movie Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell,

The Otters play amongst the Kelp chasing the Fish as individually or as a family unit, playfully oblivious to mans intervention. They are however, reenacting a scene a million years old, and are a testament to all sea creatures durability and sustainability. The environment of the sea though often harsh, is delicately beautiful in moments that can be enjoyed, I believe that I have endeavored to show this by the representation of the Slumped Toughened glass, represent the Swirls of Lights” that are never ending in time or space.


Ian Haggerty 2015