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“Early Rains” A Bronze Sculpture by Ian Haggerty

seal and pup swell
seal and pup original

“Fairy Penquin” a bit of fun


Description of Sculpture:

My large scale Sculpture “RING OF BRIGHT WATER” was inspired after a trip to Australia zoo one year, I really liked the antics of the Otter family and I decided to sculpt some working together as a family unit. The main theme of the Sculpture is taken from the Poem/Book/movie by Gavin Maxwell, about his life in the West Coast of Scotland in the early fifties, he be-friends a family of Otters and writes about his funny and tragic experiences with them.

This would perhaps be a great Sculpture for a park, water feature, for entrance ways, buildings, enclosure or gardens, as the Under Water scene has kelp that is made of 12 mm steel with a fully reinforced polymer/Concrete base and stands 2.5 metres high and weighs over a tonne, the three life sized family of Otters and 13 fish are all cast in solid Bronze, with coloured slumped cast reinforced glass  representing the water as it swirls aroundd them as they swim as a close knit family unit, playfully chasing the fish.

“Ring of Bright Water” homage to Gavin Maxwell author



“Sealed with a Kiss” Life size sealion and pup, Commsioned by Gold Coast City Council


The Coppergate Helmet was recovered during excavations in the ancient city of York in 1982. The Anglo-Saxon helm is of archeological importance. The inscription on the crest is an invocation for protection from the helmets owner. I based my sculpture on this fascinating piece of history, with real helmet chain mail  to add effect.

“Anglo Saxon Knight”
Based on the Coppergate Helmet discovered in
1982 in the city of York UK


“Silverback reflection” a bit of fun (early piece)


“Rhino” because we like them


“Black Panther” sold for Heart foundation charity

I was pleased to submit my  design for the proposed sculpture. It was important that the figurative element of this sculpture/s captured the strength sacrifices and integrity our armed forces. Therefore I provided a nameless steel silhouette; depicting a WW1 Soldier in a moment of reflection, with a fallen Diggers faithful Army kelpie looking on, (dogs were used to carrying messages) and growing in the grass/earth two poppies, beside a rifle marking the grave of a fallen comrade, with the Diggers hat placed on it. The dog, grass/earth and poppies are in rust coloured steel or similar to represent the red earth of Australia and the sacrifice of the  fallen. Also the poppies could have green stalks and their flower heads represented by brilliant red and black colours; (the college students may choose to do this) this would represent respect for their fallen countrymen, but also the resilience of humanity in the face of adversity.  The bulkiness of the soldiers uniform would represent the strong relationship between soldiers historical actions and today’s ongoing sacrifice, whilst reinforcing the Anzac spirit. I inscribed the “Spirit of the ANZACS”  in to the bottom of the muddy area of the sculpture piece. This sculpture is slightly larger than life, to give it presence/impact.

It is important that the sculpture not only enhance the existing location by the Monument Location but also lends itself to a point of quiet reflection for the students.

“Spirit of the Anzacs”
Commission for the Dept Veteran Affairs
installed Pimpama College
The conceptual premise of the proposed sculpture – “Spirit of the ANZACS”

20150420_142713 (004)
ian haggerty and lest we forget

“Endless Shadows” is a group of 4 marathon style runners of varying ages and sexes, and their running dog. They are representative of the energy pulse within our brief but power driven lives; this pulse is rarely noticed by ourselves, but is often seen by others; through a fleeting glimpse of these ever present “Endless Shadows” mirroring an alternative dimension, “Endless Shadows” have no allegiance or consideration to Sexes, Race, Colour, Religion or Social status, they also have no physical beginning and therefore no physical end, but as constant companions throughout our lives, are forever prevalent and like us endlessly changing.

“Endless Shadows”
Group of runners and their dog

photo 2
filthy shades of clay girl

“Filthy Shades of Clay” a bit of erotic fun

“Early Rains” A bronze scupture by Ian Haggerty – limited edition of 25 – price $6,500

“She will be right” A bronze “early stage pregnant” horse sculpture – price $2500

“She will be right” A cold cast bronze horse sculpture, price $1000

“Take ten” A bronze sculpture of a Drover, Cowboy taking 10 mins out, price $1200

“Fun night At Billy Bobs” A cold cast bronze sculpture of a wild night at Billy Bobs Bar – Fort Worth Texas – price $600

“Coffee Break” A heavy bronze sculpture of an old timer taking a break in a barn – Price $2,500

“Sealed with a Kiss” Life size sealion and pup, Commsioned by Gold Coast City Council


” Sweet Coco” – a teenage African girl representation


“Gen Y a night on the Tiles” a bit of fun – Gold Coast collector